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DIY Banner Making Kit


    Everything is included with our professional banner making kits, just add your personalised message using the Sharpie permanent marker pens, and it's ready to be put up in your place of choice.

    Whatever the occasion, spell out the message on your banner, with your unique hand-drawn design, a great way to add a custom touch to your banner. It will catch the eye of everyone, especially in community-led events.

    The banner can be used inside and out it's ready for any windy situations and is water, weather and UV-resistant, your professionally crafted banner will be ready to show off – and is made to last.

    We supply you with a plain white blank banner that is hemmed and eyeleted ready for decorating with your design or message.

    Also supplied with your banner is a pack of Sharpie Permanent marker pens, in Black, Red, Blue and Green for you to use to draw with, and also cable ties for helping to attach the banner to posts, railings, fences etc.

    This is an excellent package for designing a bespoke banner that will display your message either for a notice, celebration, or selling opportunity. Can be hung by the eyelets to gazebos, fences or posts, any place you would usually hang a banner and is fully weatherproof.

    What's in the Box?

    1 x Vinyl Waterproofed Banner, supplied Hemmed and Eyeleted

    5 x Sharpie Permanent Marker Pens, 2 Black, 1 Red, 1 Blue, 1 Green

    6 x Cable Ties

    About the Sharpie Pens included

    The Sharpie® W10 Permanent Marker produces a brilliant opaque colour on almost any surface. This permanent marker can write on virtually any surface, including cardboard, wood, metal, stone, plastic and leather. The Sharpie® W10 marker has a chisel tip, which creates a 1.5 - 5 mm line width, and which is ideal for produces flowing and elegant work. This marker uses a special ink that is water and fade-resistant, making it useful for many different conditions. It uses special "cap off" ink that allows you to leave the top off for up to 10 days. Its slim, lightweight barrel is easy to grasp and makes writing extremely comfortable. The marker comes with a pocket clip and cap for added portability.

    * Permanent marker
    * Can leave the cap off for up to 10 days
    * Writes on almost any surface
    * Chisel tip
    * Line width: 1.5 - 5 mm
    * Flowing writing
    * Water-resistant, fade-resistant ink
    * Slim barrel for a comfortable hold
    * Pack of 5 included Black,(2) Red, Blue and Green


    Waterproof & Weatherproofed Vinyl Banner

    Hemmed for Extra Strength

    Eyeleted for Easy Hanging with Cable-Ties